Return Policy (“Quick-Cash”) wants your purchases and returns to be a positive experience.  Our goal is to make purchasing and returning products a very simple process.  The following provisions set forth our Return Policy for items you have purchased.

  1. All Purchases

Quick-Cash will honor requests to exchange a purchased item or to refund the purchase price of a purchased item if the item was damaged or defective.  All Item purchases are eligible for exchange or a full refund if the reason for the requested exchange or refund is on account of the item having a manufacturer’s defect or was damaged at the time of purchase.  Provided, however, that you must contact Quick-Cash within ten (10) calendar days after the date of purchase to request the exchange or refund.  Please Do NOT attempt to return any items through the mail or delivery service unless such method is pre-approved by Quick-Cash. For any exchange or refund, please contact QuickCash directly through the telephone number listed on the website.